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Our Elephants and their stories


Jumbo was taken from a taxi elephant camp near Damnoen Saduak Floating market. Jumbo had undergone a lot of bad experiences with humans.

He was used for selling bananas on the side street and he fell off the water drainer and his left ankle distorted. While his left ankle was distorted he also was forced to stand on 4 benches to let people walk under his tummy for good lucks according to Thai belief , but not good for elephants. He also was used as a taxi elephant with the basket chair put on his back with a few people on him and a mahout using bull hook, rushing him around to get more rounds, more tipping. When the mahout didn't get tip well. The mahout used hooks to hit Jumbo until he has many abscesses from being hooked by dirty hooks all over his body.

Jumbo came here with very angry attitudes. He covered his body with dust and swung his trunk around not letting anyone be close to him, but it's very surprising that Jumbo allowed Tong to hug and to kiss him only within 10 minutes.. The first morning, We took him on the river and found a lot of bloods and pus all over this body. And only 2 days after his arrival, Jumbo fell off due to one of his abscess exploded. He could no longer walk for along 3 months. After surgery, we gave him western and herbal medication until he could walk as normalcy until now. By the way, there are many abscesses waiting for the time to explode.

Jumbo changed his attitudes with humans a lot, he now has become a very kind giant. Since he could say " Krab" means "Yes, sir!!" , so he became favourite elephant for many kids who asked him saying Krab all the time. Many boys and girls kept crying when saying good bye as they wanted to take Jumbo back home :)


Duk Dik is the young super star in many zoos and taxi elephant camps before.

She was chained up most of the time.

When Duk Dik was being trained, when she didn't respond to the command spontaneously, she was given electric shocks.

Duk Dik also came here with worms in her vagina from dirtiness and infection. She listens to the verbal commands and is now very tame.

She love treats, snacks that humans eat as she's often bored with plenty fruits we offered. She would be like a puppy if she saw Mentos or candies!


Orm is the super star in Hua Hin zoo and taxi elephant camps before. ORM had been to Japan and to China to perform the shows. She acted as a boxer. She used to be hooked by mahout who hooked her until the hook was broken as she was hurting people before. She had such bad attitudes with humans. She was aggressive though is very clever. ORM's eyes were almost blind from the light on the show stages and infection from dirt. She also had worms in her vagina from dirtiness and infection.

She has changed her habits and attitudes a lot. ORM loves eating and we have plenty of foods conveyed with our constant love and care which she could sense that. Now everyone who used to know her was surprised as she has become so gentle, funny and being in a good moods almost all the time. She listens to the verbal commands and if we are busy, she was just tied up with a small rope, but she can untie it and walk around to get foods. Once she's full, she walks by herself to go back to her room. She is still the super star but in different version as the most gentle and cute elephant who loves being hugged, kissed and touched.

ORM likes to do tricks by herself to get more foods. She loves eating treats , drinking tea, she would be moody if we didn't allow her to eat / to drink our foods, sometimes, we needed to let her taste just a little to keep her happy.


Nook was performing at the shows in many zoos and taxi elephant camps before. When she fell sick, they didn't give her a remedy saying that she is sick with a serious disease, so the zoo owner didn't pay her rental fees to the owner. They tied her up near the bird cage without feeding her any fruits to eat. In the zoo, when they trained the elephant, they would weigh bananas only 2 kilograms / time.

Nook was hooked and hurt a lot, she is very clever, so she knows some human language well. She unlocked herself and ran up to the mountains. She walked backwards and repeated her footprint not to let anyone track on her. So it took the mahout 4 - 7 days to find her. So they were very angry and shotted her with sleeping gun. That made Nook having mental problems and it took us so long to make her better.

We couldn't take her bracelet (chain on her ankle) off for 6 months because every time we took it off. Nook ran away. Whenever she heard loud noise, sniffed something strange or smelled male in the mating time. She ran away. While she was running away. She got hurt by farmers who thought that she was a wild elephant. This is the reason why we had to use the rope like collar around our elephants' necks, just to differentiate them from wild elephants to the home or domesticated ones. So they could call us when they saw a collar, so our elephants wouldn't be in danger from being killed.

Nook now has become so sweet and gentle, not as nervous as before. She changed her attitudes a lot and be so calm. Nook has such sweet eyes, she loves when being kissed on her cheeks, touched her eye lids and being whispered. She needs you to show your affection softly...She is still nervous but much much better than before.

Kat is Mong's mother.

Kat was performing the shows and being used as taxi elephant before and after her pregnancy. Kat was very aggressive with good memories. She destroyed pick ups , car and hurt mahouts when she was angry.

Now Kat is many tourists ' favourite elephant. Her fat and round shape with pink trunk made her photogenic. Though she has a bit scary eyes. She was scared in many unbelievable small pets like dogs, cats, chicken.

Her name is Kat , but she doesn't like cats at all.


Mong came here when he was only 6 months old. Once he was born in Hua Hin zoo, he could unlock his mom, he learned to use his little trunk since then. He even used to ride on motorbike and tried to start the engine. Since they noticed his wisdom. Mong was forced to perform the shows. He was hooked severely on his ears and being chained too long on his legs until it caused wounds.

Mong had a bad attitude with humans for sure. Since he hasn't finished the training course yet and he was moved to here. So we stopped his training requested by his owner, though he is grumpy and moody. We don't want him to perform the shows as we have no official shows here.

By the way, we let him just learn some little tricks to keep him well behaved. As by nature, baby elephants like to run to crash people to get foods, but we let him do something like kissing, giving monks foods, just to get foods as rewards instead, to make him feel he is important since we all live together, we need him to be gentle, not hurt anyone.. but not using the tricks to perform the shows at all.


Moss is Mong's father. He is one of the most dangerous elephants in the elephant circuits. He is very infamous as he used to hurt many mahouts, so it's very hard to find someone who wants to take care of him.

Moss hates noise, so when he was in the zoo, he was performing the show and he is very good at throwing darts. One day, he was used as a taxi elephant carrying tourists on basket chair with the mahout holding a hook rushing him around. He went down to the river where a lot of Thai people were making noise on the raft. He broke the raft and stood 2 legs trying to shake tourists down and tried to step on them. Many mahouts stopped him in time with weapons. Moss wasn't scared of weapons but he had to surrender to save his own life.

Moss was put on sanction for 6 months until the investigation was finished. The owner asked us to take him in here. We took him though we knew that he is dangerous but we wanted his wife and son to be on the same land though they couldn't be together 24 hours. We can't let him walk around free as we don't want anyone to get killed and hurt.

We just move him around to change atmosphere and just take him a walk when there's no tourists around for everyone's safety.


Grandma Tong is a very old elephant, and is our pride. She was used in logging industry and taxi elephant camps in Krabi, the South of Thailand . It's not clever at all to buy elephants in the South as they are abused severely, their conditions would be so poor, not worth for investment at all.

We may be stupid for the business reasons, but we bought her with our hearts. Her previous owner wanted to sell her only, NO RENT. Tong had to sell 2 of my cars and ask bank for a loan to get her. Her previous owner didn't even say goodbye on the day Grandma Tong was bought, walking onto the truck. We took her alone.

Grandma came here with super poor conditions. She was like a zombie, bony skinny, her skin was so dry , she got no hair at all. She had wounds all over her body even every part of her tail. Her pee was white from being drugged and dehydrated. When she was pulling many logs (a few hundreds kilograms / 1 log) at once, she was put the saddle with the mahout on her back, who was hooking her on her head, shoulders, while another mahout was hurting by her body whipping her , piercing her with hot arrowed spike (they put arrow steel part on fire before piercing her), she almost died once and they pumped her heart to wake her up to work again. Since she had been drugged. Her body was abused every part and her nervous systems weren't working properly.

We took months to make her body recovered. Sometimes, she got up and fell off often. She became chubby and her skin was beautiful and hairy. She walked faster than the younger ones as she was used to work hard in pulling logs. We respect her and love her wholeheartedly. She had been with us for 13 months and unfortunately, her nervous systems started not to respond. Her eyes were so blind and she couldn't eat much like before. Just within a few days, she left us with our broken hearts. She died peacefully on July 15, 2018 at 3:15 am. Every of her pictures..reminded us everywhere on our land. We love her so much and she still stays with us in our hearts and memories forever..

We still keep rescuing elephants from logging industry if we have a chance and enough money though. As this is not investment. Grandma Tong made us realize how proud of our missions, which we want to make it better, she inspired us..as we know she is looking at us on the heaven...she wanted us to save those poor elephant friends who are suffering from the same logging industry she was abused so hard before.


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