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How you can help Elephants Home and Nature

A few facts and figures

Each elephant eats about 100kgs per day of freshly sourced, natural and prepared food which costs about 1250 Thai Bhart or in s about 30 per week.

They must allocated at least double this for medications.

The cost to buy elephants

Baby elephant between 1.3 & 1.8 million Thai bhart or about 32,500-45,000 Stirling .

Female that as already had baby (so proves she can conceive) about 3million Thai bhart or 75,000.

Normal male about 2.7 million Thai bhart or 67,000 .

Very old sick elephant about 1.2 million Thai bhart or 30,000.

All elephants have proper DNA micro chips fitted.

At the present exchange rate of around 40 Thai bhart to 1.

One million Thai bhart is about 25000.


Please donate

We would love for you to give generously to help us rescue these elephants and give them a peaceful and stress free life with lots of nourishment and love that they deserve.

You can pay monthly by Direct Debit, or you can give a one off donation.


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